India Fires Two Ordinances To Level The Dispute Resolution Landscape!  

By Madhur Baya and Ms. Shalvi Mehta*

On 23 October 2015, the President of India promulgated two Ordinances that have the potential of changing the Dispute Resolution landscape in India, and if things go well, for Asia as well. It is an acknowledged fact that India-centric disputes have in the past moved to London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris and Dubai, by the droves. The exodus was precipitated by a lack of a robust commercial dispute resolution system – statutes and Courts were not spoken of as being the most efficient or effective. These Ordinances are meant to cure just that!



The Trans-Pacific Partnership FTA’s investment chapter: What’s next?

by Luke Nottage (University of Sydney) and Leon Trakman (University of New South Wales)

Alongside this week’s APEC leaders’ summit in Manila, US President Obama met with counterparts and trade ministers from 11 other Asia-Pacific states that agreed in October to the expanded Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement. These states, covering around 40 percent of world GDP, cannot sign it before 3 February, when the US Congress finishes its 90-day review. But Obama and others in Manila reiterated the importance of the TPP for regional and indeed global economic integration.